r2-d2 stories

Fifth grade teacher Morgan wanted to make his ride to work a bit more enjoyable. So, he decked out his scooter to look like R2-D2. He also outfitted the vintage luggage case in the back with Star Wars decals. Read on to get Morgan's take on his fun DIY project:
If you've never been, one of the greatest Star Wars gift shops in the world is actually in Disney World. It's right there waiting for you as you walk off of Star Tours. Said awesome gift shop is about to get a little awesomer with a build-a-bear-style kiosk that'll let you customize your very own astromech droid.
Artoo is a busy droid. He's travelled the universe delivering plans to the Rebel Alliance, served as Luke's astromech, preserved the history of the Skywalker clan in his memory banks and even handed out an Oscar at the 50th anniversary of the Academy Awards. Now, the droid's making coffee.
Geek alert: today's May 4. You know what that means. It's the unofficial Star Wars holiday where fans pop out the lightsabers and celebrate all things Jedi and Sith. While fathers and mothers across the planet baptize their younglings into Padawans, what about some love for all the new robots coming off the line? To celebrate the holiday and honor the most adorable droid in the entire galaxy, here's 24 incarnations of R2-D2 that prove why it's the real star of Star Wars. Future astromechs in-training, here's your role model! Got an iteration of R2-D2 you love? Let us know in the comments below, and may the fourth be with you!
Out of all the characters in the Star Wars universe, R2-D2 has to be the only one that gets so much love. Custom Xbox 360s, projectors, headphones, swimsuits, smartphones — the list goes on. Motorized Lego replicas? Well, that's just a tribute of love. Peter "Ickelpete" Salter's Lego R2-D2 is more than meets the eye. You'd be forgiven for thinking Salter's 15.7-inch wide by 23.6-inch tall creation was just a plastic statue, but it actually moves. It has a retractable leg, lights up, makes authentic "beep-doop" sounds and has a head that rotates &#8212 just like in the movies. All it took was 18 months of hard work.