Quadrocopters stories

Parrot is a company that focuses primarily on in-car electronics, but you wouldn't know it from the more eye-catching technology in its portfolio. A quadrocopter hobby drone? Some seriously smart headphones? (We can't wait for more on those Ziks, by the way.) With AR.Drone 2.0, which we got a taste of at CES 2012, Parrot has taken a hard look at the strengths and weaknesses of its first generation flier, and has come back with something that feels like a vast improvement over its predecessor. Read on to find out why I'd feel comfortable handing the controls of this drone over to my own grandmother.
There is something mesmerizing about watching these quadrotor-robots hover and precisely place blocks in neat patterns to create a structure over 19 feet tall. These flying robots are cool, but one day they could also have practical applications.
Quadrotors are pretty cool vehicles, able to be tightly controlled from afar to do any number of things. We usually see them when they're performing well, but this video from UPenn shows them failing, often spectacularly.