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Sony's strategy of interoperability between the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita is starting to look like it'll turn out poorly for the Vita. While on the surface the strategy has its perks, for the consumer, it can be prohibitively expensive. How many people really believe that a second-screen gaming experience is worth buying new hardware for? Look at PlayStation All-Stars — it's the same game on PS3 and Vita, and allows you to play seamlessly on the couch or on the go with a save file that lives in Sony's cloud. It should be obvious that there are few fans enthusiastic enough to buy two copies of All-Stars so that they can play on the road with the same save file. This speaks to a worrying trend where the Vita ends up subordinated to the PS3, rather than enjoying a dedicated software library enabled by its truly unique hardware.
As of today, the PS Vita is officially available in North America and Europe (not just for consumers who bought the First Edition 3G model). Backed with a $50 million advertising campaign — the largest for any PlayStation system — Sony is letting the world know that its still very serious about portable gaming. On a technical engineering level, the PS Vita is unmatched. As we've said before, the PS Vita's graphical prowess nearly rivals that of the powerful PlayStation 3. But beautiful graphics aren't the only thing that that makes the PS Vita attractive. The magic all comes together with a gorgeous 5-inch OLED touchscreen, dual-analog sticks, rear touchpad (the first on any gaming device), dual-cameras and library of launch games that cater to everybody, from the casual to the hardcore. I've been playing with the PS Vita for nearly two weeks. To find out if the PS Vita really is the "best PlayStation ever" or not, read on for my full review.
No, Sony didn't team up with Pop-Tarts to make an edible Vita. Instead, the teardown gurus over at iFixit put the Vita in a toaster oven and baked it for 10 long minutes at 200 °F for a very specific reason. Of course, I'd be a jerk if I didn't have that very specific reason handy — read on to find out why this Vita is getting baked.