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Dull and — dare we say — usually ugly, we don't buy printers for their looks. We buy them for their ability to print, scan and copy as fast and painless as possible so we can get on with our lives. Brother's new Business Smart MFC-J4510DW printer challenges drab conventional printer design with a minimal and unassuming body, ultra fast color printing thanks to a landscape printing process and a touchscreen that actually works.
Cooking takes too much time and effort. If only there was a way to hit a button and have food print out of a machine! Well, that's actually not so crazy an idea.
Copy machines have been a staple of offices for decades now, but they've always had one drawback: they only copy in 2D. And we live in a 3D world. What gives? Well, the new ZPrinter 350 from Z Corporation solves...