printer stories

It's not easy to get get excited for a printer, unless it's a 3D printer, in which case we're running around the room screaming our heads off. But Artefact's "See What You Print" concept is so ingenious, it makes us wonder why nobody's thought of it already. Instead of prepping photos and prints on your computer screen and then sending them to a printer, the SWYP actually shows you exactly how a print will appear on paper on its screen. Using its touchscreen, you can even arrange elements in various layouts. Something like this could seriously revolutionize print media.
Kenichi Okada and his cohorts are planning to present their latest invention in Florence, Italy this week. The Keio University scientists have figured out a way to use a modified ink-jet printer to squirt scents. If Okada has his way, his team's work could lead to prints that aren't just super glossy but could also stimulate the nose.