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Back when I was in school, we learned about physics the old fashioned way: by dropping bowling balls on our feet. But kids these days aren't interesting in bowling balls and pain, they're interested in video games, and Valve's new education initiative uses Portal 2, GLaDOS, and Chell to teach physics and math.
The original Super Mario Brothers is perhaps the most famous video game of all time. Portal and its sequel, Portal 2 are two of the most critically acclaimed video games of the past few years. We've seen it before as a spoof, but now somebody is combining them into one supergame.
What are the odds that gamers will ever officially get a Super Mario game mashed up with Portal? Err...probably never, unless we're in an alternate universe. The gaming geeks over at Dorkly made this funny video showing just that — Mario cruising through the Mushroom Kingdom while wielding a Portal gun.