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A growing body of evidence is suggesting that genetics has a subtle but measurable influence on our political views. While our genes can't fill out our ballots for us, the relative position of a person on a liberal to conservative scale may be somewhat predictable through genes. This is called genopolitics.
Fonts have stronger psychological effects than most people probably realize. Recently, a font was created to help those with dyslexia read webpages. And now font-research has found its way into politics. Turns out, hard-to-read fonts make people more moderate.
In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, the German people have seen fit to vote 15 members of the German Pirate Party into Berlin's parliament. Winning almost 10% of the popular vote, German pirates will now start delivering freedom, justice, gold doubloons, privacy, saucy wenches, copyright reform and shoulder parrots to all. Yarrr!
Don't get too smug, iPhone lovers, because the BlackBerry still rules in the nation's capital. In fact, the Blackberry has established such a tremendous foothold in Washington that of all the members of the House of Representatives and their gigantic staffs, 9,140 of them use BlackBerrys, versus a measly 86 iPhone users.
If you're really, really, really excited about President Obama, then you might find this Obama phone attractive. It's got a big Obama logo on the back, the Obama "O" on the main button nub, and a classy color scheme. It's...