polaroid stories

When the world heard that Polaroid was ending the instant camera business, photographers and even neophytes mourned the loss of a classic camera and hobby. Polaroid then revived instant film with the ugly Polaroid 300, a rebrand of an already plastic-licious FujiFilm Instax Mini 7. Lady Gaga hopped onboard as Polaroid's new creative director and the result wasn't only a bizarre pair of camera sunglasses, but also the Grey Label GL30 Instant Digital Camera.
The only way to describe the Polaroid's Lady Gaga event is to liken it to an ant farm, because that's exactly how it felt waiting for her fashionably late eyewear announcement. Nonetheless, Gaga fans will recall that a couple of years back, the queen of strange donned a pair of glasses with iPod screens in the place of lenses. Today, Gaga unveiled the Polarez, a Gaga-fied pair of glasses with a built in camera and two screens that will make you look even more ridiculous at your next party.