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Whatever happened to virtual reality? Trumpeted as the wave of the future, its bulky headsets were supposed to plunge us into an immersive world that would make our own look drab by comparison. VR machines briefly sprouted up in malls around the country in the 1990s (to the delight of stoned teenagers, mostly), but discerning gamers never took to it and the excitement seems to have fizzled out. Will the same thing happen to the current push for 3D? Hype about 3D gaming has risen sharply with the increase in popularity of 3D films since 2009 — a trend that may be reversing itself. In the game world, the buzz hit a fever pitch this past Monday night with the unveiling of Sony's upcoming 3D HDTV, built to be compatible with the PlayStation 3. Although the price seems attractive, the silent-weapon-for-quiet-wars feature is a new display mode that eliminates split-screen, allowing two players to see totally separate full-screen images at the same time. Has Sony finally delivered the breakthrough device that will drive 3D adoption? Despite the device's promise, there are still a lot of reasons why the PlayStation 3D HDTV may not be the game-changer Sony is hoping for. Those reasons after the jump.
Sony's Wii Remote clone, the PlayStation Move is lots of fun for playing ping pong in Sports Champions, but is the company really toying with the idea of using motion control wands on the PlayStation Portable or upcoming NGP? A recently uncovered Sony patent seems to suggest it at least considered doing just that at one time.