playstation 3 stories

This week the Tokyo Game Show is back, an event that usually offers at least a few unexpected treats in the way of gaming software and hardware. The first surprise comes from Sony with announcement of a smaller, lighter PlayStation 3.
For years, DirecTV has had a monopoly on NFL Sunday Ticket, forcing people who want to watch non-local NFL teams to sign up for their service to get all the action. But starting this season, PS3 owners will be able to get on board without getting a dish.
Ever since the Wii remote, third-party companies have been keen on building as many useless plastic shells to cash in on the instantly popular motion controller — including guns. They range from stuff like the family-friendly Wii Zapper to the more realistic Wii Sniper Rifle Gun. One thing they all had in common? They never really added to the experience. Now, it looks like Sony's PlayStation Move controller is plodding down the same plastic road. In an attempt to get more hardcore gamers excited about the Move (and perhaps more casual gamers excited for Killzone 3), Sony is calling in the Sharp Shooter. It looks cool enough, but is it fun to use? We took it for a spin.
Like the HD-DVD vs Blu-ray format war, there are those who are for 3D and those against it. Back then, Sony positioned it's PlayStation 3 as a Blu-ray player first — a box that offered the highest quality movies that money could buy. That was in 2006. Today, the PS3 remains fundamentally the same, only this time Sony is telling you to take a leap of faith with 3D. DVICE was invited to test drive a few 3D PS3 games at a special event and I have to say, I walked away fairly shocked at how much 3D added to the overall gaming experience, despite my aversion to it.