planets stories

An international team of astronomers has found evidence of a planet being eaten by its star, a fate which is presumed to be common for inner planets as their suns age and expand. Ha ha, sucks for that planet! Hey, wait a second, was that inner planets? That's us! We're an inner planet. Uh oh.
I know with the holidays coming up you've probably been worrying about the sun expanding into a red giant, engulfing the Earth, and turning us all into a swirling mass of vaporized rock. A newly discovered planetary system suggests that Earth may actually be able to survive this last dying gasp of our star. Mostly. Sort of. Well, maybe at least a little bit.
Uranus isn't just gassy, it's also tilted completely sideways, such that instead of rotating like a spinning top, it rolls around the plane of the solar system more like a giant ball. Now astronomers think they know how this happened, and it means that Uranus has been pounded really, really hard not once, but twice.