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This is the story of a patient and passionate man. Known only as "Joe from Saskatchewan, Canada," he wasn't just content to collect and play with remote control vehicles, he's put them to work excavating his basement for the last seven years.
A factory tour is always a popular tourist attraction. The team at the Volkswagen Group take it to a new level with the Autostadt — an attraction adjacent to their factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. While there's a lot to see, the major wow factor comes in with a peek at the two 200 foot tall glass silos that store new Volkswagens.
Billion-year-old rocks in the Australian desert have yielded a rare mineral previously thought to only exist on the Moon or in lunar meteor samples that have crash-landed here. Its discovery here on Earth is expected to help scientists better understand the history and geology of the Earth and the moon — which may not be so different after all.
Paris has one more must-see art exhibit with the unveiling of the Renault Twingo "Cabinet of Curiosities" along the Champs-Elysées. The exhibit takes the tiny cars — just able to fit down Europe's tight alleys or impossible parking spots — and gives them some big makeovers courtesy of celebrity designers.
Just think: in your lifetime, you may be able to pay a visit to space without having to be a NASA-trained astronaut. Admittedly, you may have to be a little rich. Our best hope for busting open the frontier of...
Do you feel in tune with the colors of the world and how they change with the seasons? Fernanda Viegas and Martin Wattenberg of IBM's Visual Communication Lab do. That's why they've created Flickr Flow, a visualization of colors throughout...