photography stories

Anybody with a flashlight and a camera can create a long exposure photograph. Heck, even Roombas can create them, but a photograph is only as great as the artistic vision of its photographer. Without vision, there is no draw, no allure, and no suspension of belief. Luckily, Wes Whaley's long exposure photos are psychedelic and sometimes even satanic (you'll see what we mean in the gallery) enough to keep us entranced.
Back at the start of 2011, photographer Kristina Alexanderson made a challenge to herself: take a picture every day of Star Wars stormtroopers new and old in a variety of situations. She's kept up with it, and even 11 months out she hasn't run out of clever and unique ideas. Even more interesting is the fact that, for only using action figures and tiny props, her "CClone 365-2011" photography collection — which is up to 305 days including 345 photos — has an odd humanizing effect on the Galactic Empire's iconic soldiers. (We're guessing it has something to do with Alexanderson cleverly recruiting a Lego figurine to act as a child Stormtrooper.) Below are 20 of our favorites from Alexanderson's excellent project.