photography stories

Kodak, a company founded right here in the U.S. of A. in Rochester, New York, has today filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Once a giant, Kodak continued to rely on the sale of film while competitors went digital (and took that space over). Now, Kodak wants to remake itself in a digital image, but the company's also got a secret weapon up its sleeve.
I can't travel the world. Thankfully, someone else can and documented it so I can catch all the highlights during my lunch break. Photographer Kien Lam spent 2011 visiting 17 different countries and snapping an amazing 6,237 photos, then edited them together for a quick time lapse journey around the world lasting 290 seconds.
Anybody with a flashlight and a camera can create a long exposure photograph. Heck, even Roombas can create them, but a photograph is only as great as the artistic vision of its photographer. Without vision, there is no draw, no allure, and no suspension of belief. Luckily, Wes Whaley's long exposure photos are psychedelic and sometimes even satanic (you'll see what we mean in the gallery) enough to keep us entranced.