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Looking at these photos it seems as though a lava flow has suddenly erupted in one of America's most famous national parks — Yosemite. The problem is, though geologically active, it's not a park known to have a live lava flow, so what gives?
Kodak, a company founded right here in the U.S. of A. in Rochester, New York, has today filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Once a giant, Kodak continued to rely on the sale of film while competitors went digital (and took that space over). Now, Kodak wants to remake itself in a digital image, but the company's also got a secret weapon up its sleeve.
I can't travel the world. Thankfully, someone else can and documented it so I can catch all the highlights during my lunch break. Photographer Kien Lam spent 2011 visiting 17 different countries and snapping an amazing 6,237 photos, then edited them together for a quick time lapse journey around the world lasting 290 seconds.