photography stories

Instagram is great at imitating old school photo effects on your iPhone, but there's nothing like holding an instant artifact of a special moment in your hands. To that end, a new device that uses your iPhone to instantly produce '70s-style Polaroid prints is the latest example of why analog isn't necessary bad.
Remember when webcams were the latest thing and we couldn't get enough of watching the bustle of Times Square? Or the first time we saw a Google Street View of Antarctica? We love virtually being there." Now, a new website updates and expands on the idea by showing live feeds of Instagram photos being uploaded in select cities.
You don't need to be a photography nut to appreciate animated GIFs. Unlike Jamie Beck's, RRRRRRRROLL's GIFs focus on one theme: a girl and her objects rotating around a single axis in a way that may just make your head explode. Okay, maybe we made that last part up, but these GIFs can only leave you either completely blown away or reaching for the aspirin. (Note: The above image there is static — the ones you're looking for are down below in our gallery. Click to get this moving image party started!)