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Chris Kotsiopoulos photographed Athens, Greece over a 24-hour period — and 12 hours of computer processing later, combined 500 star trails, 35 Sun images and 25 landscapes into a single image. Here's how Chris created this gorgeous panorama: I began...
Storing pictures on your camera may be light years different than it was ten or twenty years ago, but the process of creating the actual storage medium is just about as complicated as it used to be. We've got two videos for you: one showing how memory chips are made in 2011, and another showing how Kodak film was made in 1958.
That tiny speck in front of the moon is the International Space Station, which is traveling nearly five miles a second relative to us Earthlings. That means French photographer Thierry Legault only had 0.55 seconds to make the shot. He got it — and got one with the sun, too (during an eclipse, no less).
This surreal shot was taken in transit on the Toronto rail system. To capture this image, the photographer stood in the first subway car, pressing his camera against the glass. As the train barreled forward, it created a really cool vortex effect.
Cameraphones have come a long way since the days of the RAZR and its VGA camera. Today's cellphones boast cameras that are sophisticated, accurate and, in many cases, the only camera people own. With more photos then ever before being taken by cellphones, everyone should take note of these five simple tips that'll help get the most out of them: