photography stories

For a while, Japan's Natsumi Hayashi was running a pretty standard photography blog, filled with pictures of her cat, food, weird sights from Tokyo and the people in her life. Then she took a photo she called "Today's Levitation" (the first picture in our gallery below), and that appeared to open up a whole new world for her. After that, her blog started to fill up with mind-boggling shots of Hayashi floating in midair in all kinds of places. So, how's she do it?
Chris Kotsiopoulos photographed Athens, Greece over a 24-hour period — and 12 hours of computer processing later, combined 500 star trails, 35 Sun images and 25 landscapes into a single image. Here's how Chris created this gorgeous panorama: I began...
Storing pictures on your camera may be light years different than it was ten or twenty years ago, but the process of creating the actual storage medium is just about as complicated as it used to be. We've got two videos for you: one showing how memory chips are made in 2011, and another showing how Kodak film was made in 1958.