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Here's an angle you don't see every day. (Unless you're a security camera or something.) Photographer Menno Aden installed a camera in the ceiling of living rooms, kitchens, bars, lobbies, elevators, subways and more, creating images that flatten out spaces we'd normally be familiar with, but never get to see like this. Think about it: what would your room really look like?
If you're like me, then after seeing Pixar's Up, you've thought about how many balloons it'd take to float your abode off to some distant paradise. French artist Laurent Chehere wasn't able to round up enough balloons, but he does have a camera and some photo manipulation chops.
On Saturday, May 5, photographers all around the world were presented with a bright, tempting target in the much anticipated "supermoon," which occurs when the moon's elliptical orbit brings it closer to the Earth while full. In other words, it's the largest the moon can look to us terrans, though whether or not our earthbound eyes can actually detect the difference is up for debate. Thankfully, cameras allow us to choose how we want to see and present the world, so here's a collection of photos that show the supermoon as it should be: massive. Check it out in our gallery below.