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Once upon a time, hanging an SLR around your neck was a status symbol that told others you were serious about photography. But with improved smartphone camera specs and fun photo-sharing apps such as Instagram, we've seen the rise of a new type of photographer: the iPhone documentarian. The trend isn't surprising. Sporting an 8-megapixel sensor, the iPhone 4S can take stunning photographs and even HDR in one fell swoop. Not to mention, the best camera isn't necessarily the most expensive one; it's the camera you bring everywhere. The iPhone fits the bill. Like an SLR, you can end up with quite a bit of gear to capture the money shot (never mind the fact that such equipment cancels out the smartphone's portability). For the aspiring iPhoneographer, here's some hardware to add to your arsenal.
Microsoft has had its Touch Mouse out for a little while now, and I guess it's feeling like people aren't taking enough advantage of its gestureliciousness. The big M donated an entire colony of touch mice and a handy development API to a student contest and told them to get creative, and here are the results.