Pedometers stories

Articles about losing weight often cite walking more as a great (and ridiculously easy) way to lose weight. Skip the subway and walk the twenty blocks to work, they say. (And I do.) But most new pedometers these days do more than just count your steps with a built-in accelerometer; some reward you in virtual and real-world ways for each step you take. In addition, all of them allow you to track the data over time and see if you see spot habits or trends. Some of them have so many additional features besides counting steps, that it doesn't even sound right to call them a pedometer — they definitely, and pardon the pun, go the extra mile. For this review, I wore the Striiv, the Fitbit Ultra and the iPod Nano. The first two on my belt just to the side of my pocket; the latter on my non-dominant left arm in a watch band. Keep reading to find out how they stack up.