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Good news: Ubisoft has pledged to ditch it's awful, awful piracy-prevention measures that treated every paying customer like a pirate in disguise. The company will instead adopt a method that has PC players activate their game only once, and then enjoy playing freely after that, online or off.
The Slim PC is a concept design for a small computer by designer Chang-Su Lee. Featuring lovely dark wood and a built-in iPhone dock, it's one of the most beautiful computer designs I've seen.
When it comes to games, we're pretty selective about what we write up here on DVICE. Usually, we stick to the hardware. That said, id Software — the company behind Doom and Quake — is known for pushing the technical limits of what video games have to offer, and when we were invited to check out the first two hours of Rage, we definitely jumped at the chance. What follows are our impressions of the game you'll be playing. Read: how it actually plays. We love going into a game fresh, surprises and all, and as such we're going to skip any plot details. Click on in to read all about how Rage handles — though bear in mind any of this can change between now and October, when the game is slated for release — and check out our gallery below to see some all-new screenshots of the game.