PC stories

If you build it, they will come. That's how the saying goes, at least. Cheapo HDTV maker Vizio wants to do for PCs what it did with the HDTV business; that is, disrupt it with well designed products, with the latest specs at affordable prices. Vizio isn't entering the PC business to churn out the same products Samsung, HP or Dell have. It envisions itself being able to offer "experiences" that no other PC makers have been able to do so far. (Pinch me if you've heard of another company that focuses on "experiences" rather than simply specs.) To kick-off its first foray into the PC market, Vizio is releasing two gorgeous products — an aluminum unibody laptop (14-inch and 15.6-inch) and an all-in-one PC (24-inch and 27-inch) that reflect its desire to provide consumers with an uncompromised PCs.
Shanghai, China — It's tough being an Ultrabook right now. You're either a MacBook Air clone or a confused laptop masquerading as a new breed of mobile notebook. In a sea of wedge-shaped Ultrabooks, the HP Sceptre XT feels like the first one that really stands on its own without coming off as a copycat laptop.
Soon, we may all be living and working in the cloud. Analysts from Gartner, a major research firm, predict that by 2014 the cloud will replace the personal computer. It makes sense for the cloud to become our digital center, considering the proliferation of smartphones, iPads and other devices that require interconnectivity to be as effective as possible (or even effective at all).
The universe is still intact — the PC one — at least. After announcing it's not spinning off its PC business, HP is back in the saddle and ready to battle again with its HP Omni 27 — an all-in-one PC with a gigantic 27-inch HD display, Beats audio and a price that Apple can't compete with.