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If there is one trend sweeping the camera world, it's going mirrorless and designing hardware that looks and feels like the film cameras your parents owned. We didn't think Olympus could top its PEN E-P3 Micro Four Thirds camera, but they just did. The Olympus OM-D E-M5 takes its styling after the company's OM film cameras from the 1970s. Light, strong and — most important — fast, the E-M5 feels like a digital camera you'll want to keep until you're old or pass on to your kid, and that's a weird feeling to get from digital. The E-M5 is the first in what Olympus hopes is a family of OM-D series of digital cameras based on its enduring optical heritage. The reality is that the E-M5 is more akin to the E-5 DSLR tossed under a shrink ray.
In a top secret room, Olympus gave us a preview of its new flagship PEN cameras. We weren't given any free sandwiches at the briefing, but we did walk away with a hunger — for the EP-3's lightning fast autofocus, dual-core image processing, gorgeous 3-inch OLED touchscreen and live filter effect features. The timeless stainless steel PEN design inspired by the film PENs from the 1960s only sweetens the deal.
Ready to take the leap from point-and-shoot to full-fledged DSLR? You could do worse than the Olympus E-600, an entry-level model that includes a few art filters to add some flavor to your 12.1-megapixel pics. The Soft Focus filter is...