olympics 2012 stories

In this week's special, giant-sized Olympic edition of Healthy Tech, we look at some of the most interesting tech stories about the Games. In addition, you'll learn about Olympic-sized bandwidth issues affecting people here and in London, learn about some of the tech the athletes and officials use, and we even a list of gadgets that can help you show off your cultural pride.
Endurance, performance and time. These are the holy-grail for any Olympic athlete. To possess even the smallest advantage in these areas could mean Gold. And everyone wants Gold. So if you can't get the edge from performance enhancing drugs, what else can you do to push ahead of the competition? We've all heard about the advances in hardware that athletes can use to help them attain better performances — we're talking specialized swimwear, carbon fiber bike frames and boat shells and the like. We also know that athletes train with the most high tech items at their disposal, meaning suits with motion sensors and 3D cameras everywhere to help map the optimum performance. But to get that edge, some athletes are turning towards some pretty strange training techniques. Instead of tweaking their tools, they are tweaking themselves, courtesy of some odd new methods. So much so, in fact, that this stuff sounds a lot like science fiction, and is rapidly becoming a reality in order to go for the Gold.