Oil Spill stories

BP today ran a test of its new containment cap on the geyser of oil that's been leaking into the Gulf of Mexico since April. Apparently it's working, and the flow of oil has been stopped, at least for now. Why did this one get the job done?
It seems like airships are the new hot vehicles for the U.S. military. Amazingly efficient, they're able to stay in the air at lower altitudes for longer than any traditional plane, making them perfect for specialized missions that require long periods of aerial observation.
The BP oil spill poses problems not just of scale — 150 million gallons and counting — but also of location. While beaches are in peril, the sensitive wetlands of Louisiana face an epic gunking, and unlike sand, swamp and weeds are almost impossible to clean. Enter Greenboat Scientific's Weedoo workboats.
Last time we checked in with BP's ongoing efforts to stop the terrible leak 5,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, the company was taking a pair of industrial sheers to some tubes, and lowering a "cap" into place. Turns out it worked pretty well.