ocean stories

For the first time ever, a BBC crew has filmed the formation of a brinicle under the Antarctic sea ice, a phenomenon they're calling an "icicle of death." If you're a starfish and you see one of these coming, you'd better run&#8212 or at least, do whatever it is that starfish do when they want to get away from something.
Our dependence on foreign oil sucks, but it's nothing to our dependence on foreign rare earth metals, which are things like yttrium and gadolinium that enable us to fulfill our lust for complex technology. China produces some 97% of the world's supply and they've been stingy as of late, but a new seafloor discovery may change all that.
In a way, New York City's MTA subway system almost deserves to be drowned in the ocean for good, due to its lackluster service, littered with never-ending track work, annual fare hikes and train delays. But seeing these subway cars that have reached the end of their life being flipped overboard into the Atlantic Ocean so lifelessly almost makes us want to weep. Wonder why they're doing that? Apparently it's good for the environment.