Obama stories

After the re-election of President Obama, the media reported on a few racially charged incidents involving those opposed to his presidency. Those feelings spilled out online in the form of racist tweets, and a group devoted to data visualization aggregated those tweets and managed map their locations.
Now that the race to become the next U.S. president has finally ended, the most tech-enabled election can now be properly dissected by data nerds and market analysts. However, one tech issue that arose during the waning moments of the election, involving touchscreen technology, may become a source of controversy for years to come.
While Europe is planning to take the drastic and awesome leap of banning all gas-powered vehicles by 2050, President Obama wants to take a much smaller step in the same general direction by requiring all new government vehicles run on clean energy by the year 2015. But if you're looking for a fleet of new Tesla Roadsters with "USA" on the sides, you're going to be out of luck.
The United States isn't the world leader in broadband penetration. In fact, we're nowhere close to the top of the list — we typically hover around spot 15 or 20, depending on how you define it. In less than five years, however, the President just said he wanted to spread wireless broadband to cover 98% of the nation.
During President Obama's recent trip to Japan to attend the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit he took a moment to pay respects to the real future of Japan's economy: robots.