nokia stories

Nokia's had a tough go of it the last few years, losing tons of market share in both the high end (to Apple and Google) and the low end (to Chinese manufacturers). Now, they're giving up on running their own mobile OS and are going to start selling Windows phones.
Don't want to reach into a pocket or handbag whenever your phone rings? Nokia's on it: the company is funding research to create stretchable electronics that you could wear like a second skin. It could one day lead to phones that attach to the back of your hand, à la those wrist communcators in Babylon 5.
For years, you've dreamed of owning a real-deal functioning communicator like the ones they used in Star Trek. And wouldn't you know it, but Nokia was actually working on one. They even made it so far as to build 14 prototypes before scrapping the project. And now one of those prototypes has appeared on eBay.