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Nokia's Lumia 800 leaves a solid first impression. I had a few minutes to play with it when the phone was first unveiled, and I came away from that thinking that this was finally it. The Nokia Lumia 800 was Windows Phone 7's killer smartphone. That prototype Lumia 800 felt great in the hand, ran the latest Windows Phone 7.5 Mango and was lightning fast, even without any fancy dual-core processors. The Lumia 800 felt like the best Windows Phone 7 device to ever arrive. I finally had a chance to use it for a few weeks (this review would have arrived sooner if not for a battery charging-related software update that couldn't be done manually and Wi-Fi issues that required us to get a replacement) and I'm sadder than I was that brisk October morning. Read on to find out what happened.
Nokia is showing off a supremely crazy phone concept called HumanForm. Shaped like a teardrop, this is a touch-activated and completely flexible phone that looks like it's straight out of a sci-fi movie.
CES, the tech industry's annual orgy of new gear and gadgets, is about two months off, and we're already seeing rumors about what to expect there. One interesting tidbit: AT&T and Nokia may be set to announce the first 4G LTE Windows Phone there.
After announcing in February its new best buddy would be Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, Nokia slipped quietly back into its labs to put the finishing touches on its new line of smartphones. Some eight months later, and what does the Finnish company have to show? Apparently, just a reworked Nokia N9 re-dubbed the "Lumia 800" but with a few minor tweaks and of course, Windows Phone 7 as its power core. Nokia also announced the lower-priced Lumia 710 — a cheaper, less premium-feeling model of the Lumia 800 with a few toned down specs. We felt up Nokia's latest and greatest smartphones this morning and here's what we thought.
Did you like the look of Nokia's N9, but wanted to hold out for a phone with Windows Phone OS on board? Well, you'll be a fan of the newly leaked "Sea Ray," which is essentially the N9 with Microsoft's mobile OS on board.