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Nintendo held two special press conferences focused on its upcoming 3DS handheld today, one in New York City for North America and one in Europe. Here's a round-up of everything Nintendo announced, including when the 3DS will hit store shelves to how much it'll cost. How many games will be available at launch and what's new about those pesky Friend Codes? Plus some old school handhelds return thanks to the Virtual Console. Find it all and more below.
While shopping apps for smartphones are dime-a-dozen, generally there's not much they can do other than, well, give you a list. If you asked us who would be first in line to improve that experience, Nintendo is not a company we'd name, but this patent application for a semi-interactive shopping experience on the DS handheld has us standing corrected.
It's pretty annoying to buy Wii controllers these days. You need a Wiimote, sure. But then you also need a Motion Plus add-on to make it more accurate. And don't forget a nunchuck! In the end, you need three different components for a single person to fully experience the Wii, which is a little absurd. Luckily, Nintendo is prepping a "Wii Remote Plus" which combines a Wiimote with a Motion Plus.
The Nintendo Wii is the only current-generation console that doesn't pump out HD content. It wasn't that big a deal at first, but it's made the console not age particularly gracefully. Which is why rumors of an HD Wii 2 coming out in 2011 make a certain amount of sense!
At the risk of setting off a wave of "This is my Wii Fit, there are many like it but this one is mine" jokes, the Navy is looking into using Nintendo's workout board to limber up its soldiers. The Navy has found recruits are coming to the service less physically able and hopes that video game training can help out with that.