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More proof that Nintendo still does not "get it" — Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confirmed everybody's worst fear: the Wii U will once again be a gimped box. It will not be able to play DVD or Blu-ray discs. What a huge shame.
There's no doubt that Nintendo stole the show at last week's E3 with its new 6.2-inch touchscreen Wii U controller. Without providing much on the actual Wii U console itself, gamers have been left in the dark as to how powerful it is. A new report says the Wii U is 50 percent more powerful than a PS3/Xbox 360.
Nintendo doesn't like to talk specs. Instead, they like to talk experiences and feelings. Those are all fine and good, but come on, we wanna see some numbers! Well, here they are:
A sneaky developer was getting an early look at Nintendo's next console, which is set to be unveiled in couple of weeks at E3, and he managed to take a video showing a rough idea of what we've got in store.
This is so sad. Gaming blog Kotaku has it on good authority that Nintendo's next console, the Wii HD (tentative name) will not include a sizable hard drive in the same line as Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 consoles. If true, games on demand will be out of the question on the Wii HD.
Concrete hardware details are drifting in concerning the Wii HD. The new Nintendo console is rumored to have a controller with a touchscreen and dual analog sticks. There is also said to be an updated Wii Remote and Nunchaku combo as well. Aside from the controller, we don't know squat about the console. IGN says it does.