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Nintendo didn't even mention the 3DS's second Circle Pad attachment at its pre-Tokyo Game Show (it never attends the show) 3DS conference last night. But sure enough, a tiny blurb popped up on its Japanese site pricing, dating and listing the games that will support the expansion attachment.
Even with an insane price cut, Nintendo could still be worried that its glasses-free 3D push with the 3DS isn't winning gamers fast enough. A new report suggests that Nintendo might be planning a new 3DS that'll add on a second Circle Pad (analog stick) and downplay the eye-popping 3D effects.
Nintendo's 3DS is treading on thin ice. It's lost a lot of momentum since it was launched in February in Japan and March in North America and Europe. As a result, a drastic price cut from $250 to $170 was necessary in order keep the 3DS from becoming the next Virtual Boy. Looks like the price cut is working, at least in Japan.
The house that Mario built's always been a step behind the curve, but no more. After a dramatic price cut to the four-month-old 3DS, Nintendo's revealed its plans to offer downloadable content (DLC) and micro transactions through its eShop for the glasses-free handheld and the upcoming Wii U console.