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You may have heard that Nintendo is gearing up for the launch of the Wii U. Part of that process is a whirlwind press tour which we caught in Miami last week. Nintendo wasn't showing anything we hadn't seen before, but the tricked out Airstream trailer was too cool not to share.
Nintendo's elder statesman is coming down in price to $130 in order to make way for the Wii U. The new SKU packs in the seminal Wii Sports and its well-reviewed 2009 sequel, Wii Sports Resort.The Xbox is seeing a price drop too, adding games of its own to sweeten the pot.
Nintendo has had kind of a rough go of it lately. After pretty much everyone on the planet bought a Wii and DS, the 3DS launched to a slow start and anticipation for its Wii U console seems tepid at best. You tell me — are you excited? Here's what you can expect when the Wii U lands in November in the U.S.
Some sad news: Ars Technica Senior Gaming Editor Kyle Orland reports that Nintendo Power is getting ready to shutter its pages forever. If Orland's source is correct — and a wealth of evidence suggests he is — Nintendo Power will start winding down toward a final issue after 24 years of asking everyone to join the gosh-dang Fun Club already.
Last night on Nintendo Direct, the Japanese giant confirmed an earlier Nikkei report, revealing a much larger, and much more round 3DS. The new machine features a larger everything: the top screen clocks in at 4.88 inches, and the bottom at a respectable 4.18 inches. Up from the 3.53-inch top screen and 3.02-inch lower screen on the original 3DS. The good news is that Nintendo hasn't given us long to wait for the new system.