nikon stories

I don't know about all you young whippersnappers, but I learned how to take pictures with a Nikkormat EL SLR, shooting black and white film that I developed myself. Get off that brooding contrasty picture of my lawn. Yes, those days are over, but for those of us who miss them, Nikon has patented a digital back that can give your SLR a second chance.
Somebody tell the retro-tastic Olympus E-P3 to step aside, because there's a new speed king ready to take the mirrorless camera throne: Nikon's J1 and V1. Nikon's quite possibly the second to last major camera maker to release a mirrorless camera system (Canon has yet to show any interest). The J1 and V1 are a pair of cameras with interchangeable lenses that sit between a high-end point and shoot and a heftier DSLR. Both are built like a tank and fire off shots so fast that you'll never have to double check to see if you captured your desired snap or not.
HD video shooting came to DSLR cameras a couple of years ago, but that feature has been improving and appearing in cameras at lower and lower price points. Case in point: the Nikon D3100, which is the first DSLR to be able to auto-focus while shooting 1080p video. And it costs just $700. Wow.