ngp stories

Sony's NGP is a very, very powerful handheld with a quad-core processor, two cameras, twin analog sticks, a touchscreen and rear touchpad and more. It's basically a PS3 in your pocket. Now there's word that Sony is cutting specs left and right before the handheld is launched to compete head-to-head with Nintendo's 3DS.
Just how capable is Sony's upcoming NGP (successor to the PSP)? We've heard that it's nearly as powerful as a PS3. Trinigy's released a demo video for its "Vision Game Engine" on the NGP and let's just say gamers will be pretty satisfied if games for it look or exceed this technical demo's quality.
News on Sony's PSP2 or "NGP" as it's still dubbed has been little and scarce since its unveil in late January. A third-party survey that's purported to be sponsored by game publishing giant Ubisoft suggests possible pricing for two models of the NGP. And it's actually not that bad if it's not totally off the mark.
In 2004, Sony unleashed the PlayStation Portable, a handheld that was supposed to be the titan of portable gaming — the end to Nintendo's successful GameBoy Advance reign. It was supposed to trounce the then new Nintendo DS and grind it into the ground with its PS2-caliber graphics and multimedia functions. It didn't. In the whee early hours of the morning, Sony announced what had been rumored for months: the PSP2, code-named NGP (tentative title for the handheld and short for Next Generation Portable). So what are you waiting for? Follow the link for the 411 on Sony's new NGP.