NFC stories

The sport of Apple rumors is almost as old as the company itself, but now that the iPhone and the iPad are market leaders, every new piece of information is even more exhaustively parsed over. That's why the latest claims made by an analyst fresh from visiting Apple's suppliers in Asia are raising a few eyebrows.
Near field communication (NFC) technology has given us a look at a number of cool scenarios that would allow us to use our smartphones to control nearly everything. But what if you could take that smartphone power and put it in a business card? Well, now you can.
The wide variety of possible uses for NFC technology are still being explored, mostly in ways that simply add a technology layer to old ways of completing transactions. But a new contraption that started as a gumball modification project could point the way toward the real future of this technology.
Since way before the iPhone was a gleam in Steve Jobs's eye, back when the Motorola RAZR was the mobile phone du jour, financial institutions, mobile handset makers and carriers have dreamed of turning your cellphone into a mobile wallet, to use your smartphone the same way you use a credit or debit card. Finally, this year we may finally reach this near field communication (NFC) nirvana, of simply waving our smartphone over a retail payment terminal instead of a credit or debit card to pay for our copiously consumed commodities. There's only one problem. Using your smartphone as a credit or debit card replacement may be more trouble than it's worth.