new york city stories

If you've ever been to London, you'll know that taxi passengers in England's capital get to ride in a fabulous purpose-built vehicle. Here in New York City we had something similar until the demise of the Checker some 25 years ago, but today Nissan unveiled a new high-tech yellow cab that will hit the streets of the Big Apple next year.
Anyone who's ever visited or lived in New York is bound to ask — why would anyone want to make a book capturing its smells? Call her a dreamer or call her a realist but first time author Amber Jones believes the world's children deserve to take this olfactory journey be it good, bad or downright ugly in New York, Phew York.
Is there no place Apple can't plant its flag? Apparently not, as the company scored some retail space in New York City's Grand Central Station, which is already filled with a lot of the kind of stores you see in airports: magazine shops and odds and ends. Thanks to the 23,000-square-foot bid Grand Central will be the home of the biggest Apple Store yet.
Free WiFi is a good thing, and these days you can find it at all over the place from McDonald's to Starbucks, but what if you're out in the park to catch some fresh air? Now there's a plan to cover 32 of New York City's parks with free WiFi, provided by Cablevision and Time Warner in exchange a ten year extension of their city cable contracts.