netflix stories

Netflix used to offer a $9.99 subscription plan that allowed you one DVD at a time as well as streaming, both unlimited. That plan is now $15.98, after the company split its DVD and streaming offers up into two cheaper plans. No bones about it, this is dumb (and I'll tell you why), but despite that using Netflix for me just got cheaper.
While folks with iPhones and iPads have been enjoying streaming video with the Netflix apps for a long time now, it's been conspicuously absent on Android. Until now!
Someday, we'll never need to leave Facebook for the rest of the internet, if Mark Zuckerberg has his way. The next step along that path? Integrating Netflix streaming right into the social networking site.
One of the big hangups that people have about Hulu Plus is that they force you to watch ads despite you paying a subscription fee. Could Netflix pull the same sorts of shenanigans? Not likely.
Netflix can stream you movies and TV shows in HD, but only if you've got a connection beefy enough to handle all that data. And now Netflix has put out a chart showing just how every major ISP in the country fares when streaming their video.