Netbook stories

Asus, a company that literally rose to the top on booming netbook sales knows that the mobile computing space it literally defined with the Eee PC is shrinking. A new DigiTimes report says that the Taiwanese computer company is prepping a super cheap netbook running either Android or Chrome OS to combat the rise of tablets.
Most people in the market for a low-cost portable computer tend to think that their only choice is between Apple and Windows, but now a third option looks set to shake things up. Linux may have been around for years, but the Jolibook, with its Jolicloud OS, promises to give Linux a new user friendly face.
If you've ever tried to use a netbook or iPad out in the sun, you'll know that backlit LCD displays get completely washed out the minute you hit them with lots of light. E-Ink displays work in a different way and don't suffer from this problem, so wouldn't it be great to have a screen that combines the best features of both LCD and E-Ink displays?