navy stories

Dazzle camouflage was used extensively on ships during WWI and WWII. With random lines, contrasting shapes, and weird colors, it wasn't meant to hide ships, but rather to confuse the heck out of anyone looking at them, and a new study shows that Dazzle works well enough that it might actually worth be using again.
Dr. Evil may have wanted sharks with frikkin' laser beams attached to their heads, but the U.S. Navy already has the next best thing. This trained dolphin is used to locate submerged mines and enemy divers, which are then captured by Navy personnel.
One of the most impressive things about Sunday's raid in Pakistan, was the way the Navy Seals managed to penetrate deep into Pakistan without being caught by Pakistani air defenses. Now it looks like a super secret stealth helicopter may be behind this embarrassing security lapse.
It may not be cutting through a mile of solid steel every few seconds, but the Navy has demonstrated the ability of its solid state laser to disable small boats in a live test.
The Office of Naval Research has been working away on a suite of futuristic weapons, but it's hard to think of anything that could out-gun its free-electron laser, which by the mid 2020s, should be capable of slicing straight through 2,000 feet of steel every second.