navy stories

Dolphins are smart little buggers, and the U.S. Navy has used them, via the Marine Mammal Program, to locate underwater mines and enemy divers. They've proven incredibly adept at using their sonar to find said objects, but the Ukrainian Navy wants to test another aspect of dolphin-skill: how they do wielding weapons.
You know how water is blue, right? The reason water is blue is because it absorbs the red part of the solar spectrum. This, unfortunately, is a big chunk of the energy that solar cells like to suck down, which is why we don't have solar powered submarines, but the Naval Research Lab has designed a new type of cell that does work under da sea.
Now that they've got this brand new seaworthy pick-up truck, the Navy is about to start getting phone calls from the Army and the Marines asking for help moving furniture and whatnot. But that's okay. That's exactly the reason the Navy built this ship in the first place.