nasa stories

It's a crazy thought, but the world's only manned space station right now — one built by the sweat of countries all the world over — is celebrating ten years of being continuously inhabited by a crew. In fact, this very day marks that milestone, and to celebrate, we've scrounged up 25 of the coolest images showing what it's like to live in orbit.
We don't often think of the Sun's solar flares as a looming threat, but increased activity can wreak havoc our communications, electronics and even our power grid. With mounting worries that a massive flare could be in our immediate future, NASA is working on a plan that could keep us up and running.
The genius lads and ladies over at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory have been so kind as to set up a webcam in their state-of-the-art clean room, the very same one where they're assembling the Curiosity Mars rover. Tonight? They're working...
Put away the mothballs! President Obama has signed the bi-partisan NASA reauthorization bill into law, charting a new direction for the space agency over the next few years. In addition to setting long-term goals for human exploration of both Mars and asteriods, the new plan extends the life of the Space Shuttle by at least one flight.
Up until now, NASA's only sent slow-moving rovers and stationery landers to the surface of Mars. So here's the new plan: a rocket-powered, robotic plane that would soar a mile over the Martian landscape at 450 miles per hour, exposing hundreds of miles of unexplored country.
Exploring distant worlds is a slow, tricky business. Right now, rovers and landers are our best bet, but both suffer from the same shortfall: low mobility. A new class of exploratory craft that hops could accomplish in a few days what it's taken rovers years.