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In the U.S. we have Lady Gaga and her army of "little monster" fans, but in Japan the entertainers bring their own armies, in this case AKB48, a 61-member-strong troupe of young Japanese female idols who were essentially interchangeable--until now. Recently the group unwittingly participated in a promotion that could amount to their own pop music demise by helping to create a virtual pop idol that sings.
Air guitar is something that doesn't seem to need much technological assistance. After all, it's just pretending to play guitar. But if you want your air guitar to be a little less air and a little more guitar, there's now an iPhone accessory for that.
Brazilian DJ and producer Amon Tobin plays electronic music, which isn't the most exciting thing to see performed live. So in order to spice up his live show, he had an insanely awesome stage setup built that looks like a living game of Tetris.