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Apple's recent decision to erase the DVD/CD drive from its laptops is perhaps the clearest signal that the era of music CDs is largely over. But USB sticks and iTunes downloads have proven to be unwieldy and hard to manage, so it's no surprise that a new rumor claims Apple is working on a streaming music radio service.
Truly affordable personal humanoid robots are probably at least another decade or two away, but in the meantime there are a few options for those of us on a budget looking for our robotic fix. The latest starter robot is actually a transforming speaker that can dance better than most humans.
With jangly repetitive tunes, inexplicable noises and "Good Games!", arcade sounds were so hypnotic you wondered how walked out of the arcade with no lunch money but a huge smile on your face at the end of a day. It's time to tap that feeling again with a chiptune synthesizer designed to make you the arcade music wizard this time.