music stories

The Internet has given us many great things, such as the ability to take fraud to entirely new levels. Well, the music industry isn't blind to this fact. YouTube recently discovered the big three, Universal, Sony/BMG and RCA, have been adding false video views to their particular artists' videos.
The record industry has suffered its fair share of setbacks, most notably the disruption of the business due to digital music files. But many audiophiles and music purists continue to cherish their vinyl collections. For those old school souls, a new promotion offers a cool bit of innovation that allows you to create your own, playable records at home, out of ice.
Earlier this year we went hands-on with Leap Motion and its gesture interface that promises to bring the seemingly high-priced dream of Minority Report-style interfaces to the masses. We're still a few months from its official launch, but one developer has already come up with an amazing innovation on the technology called the AirHarp.