Motorola stories

Good news for the Droid X (though a bummer for people looking to pick one up): the handset has sold out the day after its launch. The Droid X, with its unique look and feel, now won't be shipping out new units (with a $100 online rebate) until July 23.
For every iPhone, there's always a Verizon response. With the iPhone 4 out in the spotlight, Verizon has a new flagship device launching on July 15th: the Droid X. Like the iPhone 4, it's getting put through the paces, and...
Motorola goes beyond the mere slider with Flipout, an Android 2.1 smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard that twirls out from underneath. Besides its good looks, its main innovation is its spruced-up Motoblur interface, letting you better aggregate social networking by resizing its windows and filtering stuff you don't need right away. Nice idea, making it easier to navigate its tiny, 2.8-inch square screen.