moon stories

You may be hearing a little bit about the moon this weekend. This Saturday we are in for an astronomical treat — it's called a supermoon. It's a rare opportunity for some spectacular, giant-sized views of the moon, and the following infographic outlines just what is behind this special event.
Thanks to NASA's trusty Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), we now have some amazing shots of the inside of the lunar crater Aristarchus. It's one of the brightest spots on the moon's surface and while it can be seen by the naked eye on a good night, the LRO was able to get just 16 miles above it and give us some new views.
Earth has a nasty habit of recycling its surface such that old stuff (like dinosaur bones and meteor craters and ancient alien cities) get swallowed up by oceans and volcanoes or eroded into dust. The moon, however, hasn't been geologically active for a very long time, and if aliens ever stopped by our solar system, the moon might be the place to check for artifacts.
If NASA can put a man on the moon, rest confidently they can plan an elaborate sting to nab a moon rock thief. NASA recently managed to outwit the 74 year-old grandmother who was attempting to sell a piece of Apollo-era moon rock about the size of a grain of rice for approximately $1.7 million dollars.
Domino's Pizza Japan has just unveiled plans to construct a pizza restaurant on the Moon. Seriously. It's going to take 15 rocket launches and 14 billion dollars and will have dart boards and pool tables and delivery motorbikes and awesomeness. It's also possible that this is all just a complicated publicity stunt, but let's just pretend that it's not.