MMO stories

EA and BioWare have announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic is moving to a free-to-play model. The struggling MMO launched in December of last year with 1.7 million subscribers. That number fell below the seven figure mark in August, prompting a re-think of the subscription model.
It's pretty common for smaller massively multiplayer online titles to offer up a portion of the game for free — or, in some cases, the whole thing. World of Warcraft, being the big game on campus, never had to, charging your standard monthly fee for admission. That just changed, as Blizzard is serving a taste of its title sans strings.
Syfy — DVICE's shark-'n'-octopus-splicing parent company — has partnered with game publisher Trion Worlds to create a television-and-video game pairing that'll talk back and forth. Your actions in the game, for instance, will actually change the script of the show, and the game will change as the show progresses.