Milky Way stories

What could make a picture of the Milky Way even more incredible? When the Himalayas are in the shot, of course. And that's exactly what photographer extraordinaire, Anton Jankovoy, did. Hiking through the Annapurna region at elevations of over 25,000 feet is challenging enough, but Jankovoy is no mere mortal. Don't forget to click below for the large version.
Take this impossibly gorgeous night sky and the alien huts below and you might mistake this for a movie set. But, this otherworldly scene is actually a site of historic significance…in Nevada:
Here's a lovely shot of the Milky Way courtesy of astrophotographer Juan Carlos Casado. Taken in Spain's Canary Islands, Casado mashed nine different photographs together to create this masterpiece — not to mention a totally unique view of our galaxy.