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DARPA, which DVICE readers will know from the agency's endearingly insane projects (see here, here and here), wants to send up a swarm of short-lived, rapidly produced satellites to allow for more extensive air surveillance alongside — or even in lieu of — manned recon aircraft and unmanned drones.
Not a lot is known about the U.S. Air Force's X-37B space plane. The military branch runs two of them, and one has been in orbit for a full year now, as of March 5. Is the spacecraft just checking the weather in orbit? Is it spying from space? Is it carrying anything in its cargo hold? Just how long will it be up there, anyway?
When we see pictures of soldiers headed off to the battlefield there is a level of protection we can see — helmets and bulletproof vests. Both are critical to protecting our troops from mortal head and chest wounds. The Army has been trialing a level we can't see, called protective undergarments (PUGs) and has recently made improvements in these "super shorts."
Every year since 1986 has just been another year wasted without a movie about fighter jets and the oversized pairs of aviator sunglasses that fly them. But the long national nightmare is over, as rumor has it that Tommy C. will be playing the role (the starring role) of an F-35 test pilot in the upcoming sequel to Top Gun, which is probably not called Top Gun 2: They Wouldn't Let Us Use F-22s.